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Meeting with Italian students

On the 22nd of June, our students had the opportunity to meet with Italian students from the town of Vicenza, who are on their internship programmes in Prague within the Erasmus+ programme. We had the possibility of sharing experiences and thoughts on a possible future cooperation within this programme. 


The representatives of the Italian organization, Fortes, that organizes placements of students within the Erasmus+ programme, Ms. Silvia Rasia and Mr. Andrea Checcin, were also here to introduce us to their town, and the benefits and possibilities arising for the students in case of future internship placements of our students in Italy.


The students of the 1st - 3rd years of our high school, presented our school, Prague and the Czech Republic, and our counterparts, in turn, introduced their town and shared their thoughts on their experiences from the Czech Republic.


We thank them for their visit, and for all the information they shared, and hope for a very productive future cooperation.